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About me

Welcome to my website. I published two novels with Headline Review: The Water’s Edge (2003) and The Haven Home for Delinquent Girls (2004). Then I travelled for a while, wrote a PhD, started a family, worked full-time as a university lecturer, and published short stories, poems and articles, and a non-fiction book.

See a sample of my writing here:

On Dyslexic Writing

On Teaching Creativity (Downloads as PDF. Starts on page 48.)

My most recent publications

My short story collection came with Cultured Llama this summer.

An essay called ‘Searching for the Bandaged Place’ in The Creative Critic: Writing as / about Practice. Edited by Katja Hilevaara, Emily Orley.

An essay called ‘Risk, Constraint, Play: A New Paradigm for Examining Practice-as-Research’. Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, Vol 21: 1, April 2017.

A series of self-published guides for writers and writing students, Small Steps. 2017.

More about me

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