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A Mindful Writing Walk

Day four of the Writing and Mindfulness Challenge

What’s day four all about?

Go out for a mindful walk today and to do the following writing exercise while you’re out and about. A mindful sit, limp or roll also counts. If a mindful walk isn’t possible, continue to observe the world from your home, your garden, or the space outside your home, or incorporate mindful observation any journey as long as you’re not driving.

What do I write?

During your walk, spend 5 minutes writing a description of what you can see in as much detail as possible and add in at least one of the other senses. Once you’ve noticed a detail – say a leaf for example – try to notice even more detail – say the shape of the veins on the leaf. You might also write about what the tree smells like or sounds like or the texture of the bark. Keep going until 5 minutes is up.

You could, of course, go out and about and then write when you get back if that’s easier – but writing ‘live’ during the walk will make the description more vivid.

Want more?

You could repeat this 5 minute exercise three times during the day and write in as much detail as possible about something you observed. You could also build up to 15 mins, 30 mins or an hour or more over time, taking a notebook with you to record what you discover.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with day five of the Writing and Mindfulness Challenge, all about your sixth sense.

Until then, happy writing,



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