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My Publications


Unusual Places. Cultured Llama Press, 2018. [Short story collection]

‘García Márquez is Dead’ and ‘The Grandma Tree’. Everything is Spherical: An Anthology of Dyslexic Literature. Nov. 2014. [short stories]

The First Time’. Litro Magazine. Oct 2014. [short story]

You Are Not Special’. Litro Magazine. June 2014. [flash fiction]

‘The Swim’. The View from Here. June 2013. [flash fiction]

The Haven Home for Delinquent Girls. London: Headline Review, 2004. [novel]

The Water’s Edge. London: Headline Review, 2003. [novel]

‘The House’. Second Diva Anthology of Short Stories. London: Diva Books, 2002. [short fiction]

‘Red Roof’. Pretext 5. Norwich: Pen & Inc., 2002. [short fiction]

Nonfiction (sample)

Small Steps Writing Guides, self-published 2017 – 2018. https://author.to/ndeurLouise [books]

Drama Lesson Plans for Busy Teachers, self-published 2017 – 2018. Url above. [books]

‘Redrafting: The Key to Creative Writing.’ HWRK Magazine, Summer 2019. No. 8. [article]

‘The A to Z of a Writing Shed.’ Writing Magazine. May 2019. [article]

‘Evacuee Stories’. National Drama Magazine, Spring 2019, Vol. 25: 1. [article]

‘Learning and teaching creativity: asking how rather than can or should’. Writing in Education. No. 69, Aug 2016, p. 50-57. [article]

‘Versions of Creative Writing Teaching’. Writing in Education, No. 62, Spring 14. [article]

‘Small Steps to Creative Thinking’. Creative Teaching & Learning, Vol. 3.2, Summer 2012. [article]

The Small Steps Guide to Goal Setting and Time Management. Brighton, Emerald, 2012. [book]

‘Creative Visualization’, Writing in Education, 47, Spring 09. [article]

Academic essays / chapters

‘Searching for “the bandaged place”’. In Emily Orley and Katja Hilevaara. The Creative Critic: writing as / about practice. Routledge, 2018. [Chapter, forthcoming]

Risk, Constraint, Play: A New Paradigm for Examining Practice-as-Research’. Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, Vol 21: 1, April 2017. [Essay]

‘Dyslexic Writing: Reflexive Practice as Authentic Methodology’. Writing in Practice Journal, 1:1, 2015. [Essay]

‘The construction of hirsuitism and its controlling and disabling manifestations’. In Karín Lesnik Oberstein, ed. Rethinking Disability Theory and Practice: Challenging Essentialism.  Palgrave, 2015, pp. 37-53. [Chapter]

‘A Search for a Creative Pedagogy: How Research Can Inform Teaching Practice in Creative Writing’. Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, Vol. 17: 2, October 2013. [Essay]

‘Patrolling of the cultural borders of the body: Is hair a second skin?’ Textile. Issue 10.3, 2012, pp. 262-275. [Essay]

‘Elizabeth Siddal’s Hair: A Methodology for Queer Reading’. Women: A Cultural Review,    22:4, 2011. Pp. 370-386. [Essay]

‘The History of Pubic Hair or Reviewers Responses to Terry Eagleton’s After Theory.’ The Last Taboo: Women & Body Hair. Ed. Karin Lesnik-Oberstein. MUP, 2007, pp. 48-65. [Chapter]


‘After Leaving You’ and ‘Things You Are Afraid Of’ in Shearsman, April 2019.

‘Trying to Write a Haiku’ in Perverse, July 2018.

‘Miracle’s Mum’ in Truths: A Telltale Anthology, April 2018.

‘Houses’ in Under the Radar, Nov 2016.

‘Voices’ in Forgotten Letters: An Anthology of Dyslexic Literature, 2011.

‘A Hot Day, July’ in the Rialto, 2001.

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