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My Short Stories

My short story collection Unusual Places is out with Cultured Llama.

Here are the individual stories I’ve published so far. Some of them are available to read online.

The First Time‘ in Litro Magazine, Oct 2014.

You Are Not Special’. Litro Magazine. June 2014.

‘The Grandma Tree’ and ‘García Márquez and Me’ both in Everything is Spherical: An Anthology of Dyslexic Writing, London: RASP, 2014. You can read ‘The Grandma Tree’ online here, as Seren Books featured it on their website.

‘The Swim’ in The View from Here, June 2013. Alas, The View from Here is no more, but you can read ‘The Swim’ here:

‘The House’ in Groundswell: The Second Diva Book of Short Stories, London: Millivres-Prowler. 2002.

‘Red Roof’ in Pretext, v. 5, Norwich: Pen & Inc. 2002.