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"These are the stories you might feel surging around you as you walk down a crowded city street, every one its own world of tenderness, violence, absurdity and joy."

Joanne Limburg

"Tondeur’s eye for detail is so precise, you might fear being in her presence, lest she see your secrets, too. What a tender, dark, nuanced book: a quiet storm."

Leone Ross

"Ideas pinball off each other, inviting us to experience the world we normally rush through in a more discerning fashion, to stray from the direct path of A-B, with the promise of a deeper connection."

Erinna Mettler, The Short Story website

"the stories are brilliant at creating their own moods with their own characters, immediately drawing the reader in."

Reviewer, Confluence Magazine

"the people we encounter there are all-too familiar [...] Isolated, bullied, brave and resourceful, they seem to me, simply, our most vulnerable selves: i.e. human. A writer of imagination, purpose and compassion."

Charlotte Gann, The Frogmore Papers

Come and meet the woman conceived in a marmalade factory, the girl who wins a bed for the night by losing at cards and the professional picnicker who finds love in a blue plastic bag.



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