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Beach poems workshop

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What is this workshop about and who is it for?

Based on the idea that we gather material first through word generation, and then craft it, this workshop for Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 students will show participants how to create beach poems.

Why the beach?

I use the beach in this workshop because I live by the sea, but also because of the nature of a beach walk – it’s an opportunity to discover shells and sea creatures and other things that the sea has left behind. It is possible to adapt the workshop so it uses artifacts found in a forest or items spotted in a town or city or any local environment.

Here’s what the workshop involves:

  • We think about a walk on the beach and what you might find there. (If the class have recently been on a beach walk, we look at their ‘finds’ or their pictures.)
  • We think about how the beach changes during the different seasons, then do the following.
  • Students imagine they’ve found things on the beach and list words. This is led from the front
  • Students think of words that describe the things they’ve found things on the beach.
  • Without necessarily needing to make sense, students pair words together. For example: ‘mermaid’s tail’ and ‘golden crown’.
  • Put some of these paired words together.

After the workshop, students are encouraged to:

  • Finish a draft of their poems.
  • Write up and decorate the poems.

Teachers receive a copy of the ‘beach poems’ PowerPoint presentation so they can continue working on the same themes if required.

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