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Scary stories workshop

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What is this workshop about and who is it for?

Based on the idea that we gather material first through word generation, and then craft it, this workshop for Key Stage 2 students will show participants how to create stories with interesting characters and a beginning, middle and end. I use Laura Ellen Anderson’s Amelia Fang books in the workshop outline below, but I can adapt the content to fit the text you are studying.

Why scary stories?

I use scary stories as the basis of this workshop because the work is designed to fit into the first half of the autumn term so that students can write and illustrate the stories in time for Halloween. For other times of the year, I focus on creating monster characters, giving them personalities, writing about and illustrating them.

Here’s what the workshop involves:

  • We think about characters and the kind of actions that we can couple with a characteristic. For instance, if someone is kind, what action might show you that they are kind? I relate this to characters in the Amelia Fang books.
  • We think about telling stories and the problems a character might have to overcome. I relate this to the problems Amelia Fang has to solve in the books.
  • Students create characters and monsters, and think of problems for their characters to solve.
  • Students use the problems they have created to give their stories a beginning, middle and end.

After the workshop, students are encouraged to:

  • Finish a draft of their stories.
  • Write up and finish illustrating the stories.

Teachers receive a copy of the ‘scary stories’ PowerPoint presentation so they can continue working on the same themes if required.

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