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Daily writing prompts

What to do when you're stumped for an idea

Is this you?

No ideas. Frustrated. And you’re spending time staring at a blank page or out of the window. Maybe you feel like you’d rather be doing anything other than writing right now. How on earth do you find new ideas on a regular basis?

What if you had a creative idea for every day of the year? What if those ideas were totally flexible so they don’t add to your stress or pile more pressure on you? What if they were there exactly when you needed them, every time you got fear of the blank page or you were stumped for an idea? What’s more, what if I told you that there’s a way to create ideas for yourself out of (almost) any topic?

Interested? Find out more.

Exciting news!

I’m launching a new set of practical and super-powerful writing resources right now. The exciting bit? It’s only £27 and you get all this:

I made these downloads to help you when you’re stuck for ideas. If you are ready to power-up your writing then this is for you. Inside you’ll find 365 Creative Writing prompts as well as lots of other goodies:

✅ You’ll get your hands on enough creative writing prompts for every day of the year

✅ You’ll discover the one secret every successful writer knows about ideas

✅ You’ll learn how to use the power of neuroscience to generate them (without reading a single book on brain science)

✅ In fact, you’ll discover how to become an incredible idea generating machine.

✅ For the bloggers out there, I’ve also included a specially adapted version of the 365 writing prompts just for you, which will give you enough content for a whole year, and I’ll show you how to come up with countless more ideas for your blog.

✅ I’ve also thrown in a couple of yummy bonuses.

Sound good? Find out more.

More soon. Until then, happy writing,

Louise xx

P.S. Want to power-up your writing? Hop over here to get your downloads.

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