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Day seven of the Writing and Mindfulness Challenge

Advice for writers and bloggers

Thanks for taking part

Thanks for joining me for this seven day writing challenge. It’s been great fun. I hope the activities have been useful. I’ve certainly enjoyed putting the challenge together.

If you need to catch up, go here and follow the links at the bottom of the post.

What is day seven all about?

Go back to the start. Find some time today to simply stop and stare – a pause, either with or without tea, then afterwards, make a list of the things you’ve noticed about yourself as a writer this week. For example: I noticed that observing the world around me gave me material to write about, or I noticed that pausing regularly during the day gave me a sense of perspective, or I noticed myself incorporating a greater level of detail when I worked on my writing project. There’s no right or wrong – simply make a list.

More of a pause

Get your diary and schedule a longer pause. This is a treat, so plan for it. During your longer pause you’re going to do nothing but observe the world around you. Yes, you can involve tea! Plan for half an hour to an hour for this and pick a spot where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. I suggest doing something physical first – go for a walk or sing, for instance. If you like, keep your notebook with you and jot down anything that comes to you during this longer pause.

Want more?

You don’t have to stop here. You could schedule one day a week when you build in some pauses throughout the day, or you could repeat the challenge activities over another week. Hopefully you’ll want to build some of them into your writing routine. Let me know what’s been most useful about this challenge in the comments below.

Tomorrow I will be giving you a tour of my writing courses. Can’t wait? You can find them all here (coupon codes included)! Until then, happy writing!


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