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Day three of the Writing and Mindfulness Challenge

Advice for writers and bloggers

What have you noticed so far?

Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learnt from doing the challenge over the last couple of days. Was it difficult / easy to find the time? How hard was it to stop and do nothing but look around you for five minutes? When you noticed the colour green and the different smells on day two, did these things stimulate any thoughts or ideas? Use the comments to let me know how it’s going so far.

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Focus on the senses

You’re going to observe the world around you again today. Do this in the spot where you usually have your tea break. Yesterday we concentrated on sight and smell. Today I want you to focus on three other senses: hearing, taste and touch. Taste something nice – this could be your tea or a snack – and have a go at describing the taste in a sentence or two. Write whatever comes to you – there’s no getting it ‘right’. Then put out your hand and touch something close to you. For me that would probably be the wood of our garden table or the cushion on the chair. Again, try to describe the texture in a sentence or two. Finally, listen to what’s going on around you. For example, I can hear voices, cars, birds tweeting and someone sawing wood. Write a sentence or two describing it.

Want more?

If you want to extend the challenge, focus on each of your senses in turn at different times of the day and write a sentence describing what you experience.

What’s next?

Tomorrow we’re going on a mindful walk. Until then, happy writing!

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