Find Time to Write Time Management Techniques for Writers

Why I wrote this book

After trying to fit writing into my own life, around a child, a full-time job, and running a household, I realised that most writing books don’t address actually finding time to do it! And most time management systems don’t deal with mental load, or simply having a life. 

I had written a book about time management in 2012, mainly for my students, and had researched several different strategies. So I started looking into how I could apply the same techniques to the way I was trying to shoehorn writing into my packed schedule!

This book, newly updated for 2022, is the result. If your life is so overcrowded you’re wondering how you’re ever going to find time to write, then this book is for you. If you’re simply curious about the time management resources, you’re very welcome too.  

From those humble beginnings, there are now several Small Steps Writing Guides and courses, all based on two principles. One, you can take any big project, goal or task and break it down into smaller and smaller steps until it becomes doable. Two, if you take small but specific actions regularly enough, they'll have a snowball effect. That means, using the time management techniques and writing prompts in Find Time to Write, you can start taking small steps towards achieving your writing goals today.

What you'll learn

You’ll learn a powerful set of time management strategies that you can apply to your writing life straightaway, and get your writing routine established in a way that works for you. If you’re struggling to fit writing into your life, Find Time to Write will enable you to:

  • take a fresh look at what you do every day, 

  • use your immediate environment to kickstart your writing habit,
  • plan for and schedule a longer project.

You’ll also get a list of resources that will point you to some of the best time management and productivity writers out there, so you can adapt their advice to suit your own needs.

what you get

Here’s more about what you’ll learn with

Find Time to Write:

How do I write if I also have a life?

Part one attempts to answer the question 'How do I write if I also have a life?' by giving you a set of time management techniques to experiment with and through discussion of issues such as 'mental load', 'Optimal Writing Time', and whether you should join the 5am club.

Your two writing challenges

Parts two and three give you two challenges to complete:

  • A Beginner's Guide to the Writing Habit and
  • Your 30 Day Writing Challenge

These challenges are designed to help you to fit writing into your life and to kickstart your writing habit (and there's no need to write every day for them to work!)

Project and Task Management

Part four shows you how to manage longer writing projects. Here’s what you'll cover:

  • Setting up a planning system
  • Your life categories
  • The different stages of a writing project
  • Breaking the first draft into chunks

  • Creative signposting

Get your copy of Find Time to Write and learn how to fit writing into your life today.

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Here’s what people are saying about Lou:

Inspirational, perceptive 

and encouraging

“Louise is one of the most inspirational lecturers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is perceptive and this comes across in her fantastic attitude towards all her students. Her words are always encouraging, her feedback always thorough and constructive.” – former student.

I saw myself as a writer

“Louise is not just a creative writer, she is a creative teacher. After her seminars my mind always fizzed with ideas; a blank page became something not to be feared but filled. Perhaps more importantly she changed the way I thought about myself: she taught me to see myself as a writer – that was the most valuable lesson and for that I’m extremely grateful.” – former student.

Plenty of ideas to think about

“Louise taught me how to write. She taught me how to be merciful and merciless. She taught me craft and technique. She filled my toolbox, so I can build prose from scratch. Now I believe in myself and my abilities. I am infinitely more capable because I took her class.” – former student.

About the Author

Hi. I'm Lou. I'm a writer and a writing tutor. I live on the sometimes sunny south coast of England. A few years back I wrote the first 'small steps guide' and in Find Time to Write I apply exactly the same ideas to the process of writing, resulting in a set of accessible, tried-and-tested time management techniques for writers that you can apply TODAY - simply by taking small steps.

Get started on your writing journey today with Find Time to Write:

Time Management Techniques for Writers
Two writing challenges
Learn how to manage longer projects

Louise Tondeur: Writer

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