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How to find a creative job: top 10 tips

Ten small steps you can take today

  1. Join twitter and follow lots of your favourite organisations. For writers that might be NAWE, English Pen, Arvon, Spread the Word, and the Poetry Society, for example.
  2. Look at the Writers’ Compass.
  3. Sign up as a volunteer at an arts festival.
  4. Order The career guide for creative and unconventional people by Carol Eikleberry, (2007) from your local library.
  5. Make a list of local arts venues. Plan to go and hang out in a couple.
  6. Sign up to IdeasTap Magazine updates.
  7. Make it a hobby first: sign up to a class, do some internet research, go the library. Get some inspiration to start writing here.
  8. Change something small about your usual routine: it automatically makes you more creative.
  9. Do Morning Pages.
  10. Make a list of all your transferable skills: skills you use in one context that could apply to another.

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