How to Make Money from Your Writing in Three Steps

This free mini-course takes you through a set of practical steps that will enable you to think about making money from your writing in a new way. You're going to do three game-changing exercises that will shift your mindset and get you coming up with ideas. I'll finish off by teaching you how to earn the money to pay for the longer premium course! Sign up for free today. 

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How to Make Money from Your Writing in Three Steps

Freelance writing – and earning money from it – is about more that numbers of words or turning up to write. It's also about mindset and getting organised. In this mini-course I'll introduce you to three powerful strategies to you can start making money from your writing. In a fourth video I'll teach you how to earn the money to pay for the premium course. 

Exchanging Words for Money

In the first step we'll look at how the concept of exchanging words for money can bring up some mindset issues – and what you can do about it. 

Be Systematic

In this second step we'll look at the idea that, in order to make money from writing, it's far better to be systematic than reactive, ad hoc or impulsive.

An Excellent Fit?

Is your writing good enough to sell? In this step we'll look generally at how to make sure your writing and your approach are working for you. We'll also look at a 'secret' that all regularly published writers know about.

About the Author

I'm a writer and a writing tutor. I've published two novels and I'm currently working on a third. Before I started out, I didn't know any of what I'm about to tell you in this course. I'm super proud to be able to share what I've learnt with you so that you have access to these ideas . Not only that, but these are easy-to-learn strategies that you can start TODAY and FOR FREE!

See you on the inside!

Louise Tondeur: Writer

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