The Plan Your Book in a Weekend Courses

In these courses, you'll learn strategies that will enable you to plan your book, in a straightforward, easy-to-access way. You’ll end up with a clear, carefully structured plan that makes the actual writing of your book a whole lot easier. You'll also get advice on the different routes to publication. So you can finally get your book written and out into the world.

Get Your Book Planned This Weekend

The three Plan Your Book in a Weekend courses have the same structure but are adapted for three different kinds of writer and writing project. Are you a novelist? Or a business owner writing a nonfiction book to support your business, or are you a coach or healer writing a self-help book or spiritual guide?

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Don't have any ideas yet? Do one of the free idea generation courses first.

For Business Owners: How to Plan a Book in a Weekend 

For Novelists: How to Plan a Novel in a Weekend

For Coaches and Healers: How to Plan a Book in a Weekend 

The Small Steps Method

All the Small Steps Writing Guides and courses are based on two principles.

  1. You can take any big project, goal or task and break it down into smaller and smaller steps until it becomes doable.
  2. If you take small but specific actions towards your goals regularly enough, they'll have a snowball effect.

With help from one of the Plan Your Book in a Weekend courses you can start taking small steps towards your writing goals today.

Want to finally get your book written?

These courses are for you if:

  • You've got an idea but don't know how to structure it
  • You want to write a book but you keep putting it off
  • You've got a weekend spare and you're committed to planning your project

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