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How to plan your book when you have no time to do it

Can you help?

How to plan your book when you have no time to do it

I’m building a practical course on how to outline a book – aimed at those of us who are time poor – and before I decide on the content, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. We all have 168 hours in a week to sleep, eat, work, be with our families, relax and to do what we love to do. The challenge for those of us with a life (and we all have a life!) is to find time not only to work on our writing, but also to focus on our writing.

I believe that most writing courses ignore two things. One is mindset – the way you think about your writing and the energy you bring to it has a big effect on what you produce. The other is context. Everyone has a context – aspects of our lives or ourselves that have an impact on what, when, how and why we write.

So I want to make a practical course on planning a book with a difference – and that difference will be mindset and context.

But first, I need your help

First up, I need your help because without input from actual writers who are finding time to plan and outline their books and have a life, the course won’t address what you really want to know. I’ve created a survey for you to fill out and I will be most grateful if you do. It will only take a couple of minutes to answer them and all answers will be confidential.

Here’s where you can help

More soon. Until then, happy writing,

Louise xx

P.S. No need to leave your email address at the end – but if you want to I’ll send you details of the course when it’s done.

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