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Why I wrote this book

Fully updated for 2022, How to Think Like a Writer is aimed at Creative Writing undergraduate and postgraduate students and their tutors and works as a course of two x ten weeks. If you’re a student you can work through the prompts on your own alongside your course, or your tutor may incorporate them into seminars and workshops. If you are a writer who is not on a course, the tools in this book will help you develop your writing practice and will act as a DIY writing course if you like.

Many writing books and courses teach the nuts-and-bolts part of writing. They'll tell you how to write a good sentence or construct a compelling story, for instance. I've written and taught a few of those myself! But in this book I wanted to share what I've learnt from years of teaching experience about how to teach the creative part of Creative Writing.

I am fascinated by the relationship between mindfulness and mindset and practical writing advice. There's also another relationship at play: our relationship to the world around us, and what it means to follow a creative career path in a socio-cultural environment that’s often trying to stop us. This book is different because it’s about those relationships.

All the Small Steps Writing Guides are based on two principles. One, you can take any big project, goal or task - like learning more about the 'creative' part of Creative Writing - and break it down into smaller and smaller steps until it becomes doable. Two, if you take small but specific actions towards your goals regularly enough, they'll have a snowball effect. That means that with help from How to Think Like a Writer you can start taking small steps towards developing your writing practice today.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with your own creativity

  • Use the ‘writer’s toolkit’

  • Practise
, getting into the habit of using the tools

  • Accept, then learn to bypass, the internal censor
  • Be deliberate

  • Encounter the world with 'a writer's eyes'
  • Understand the 'journey
' of a book and of a writer's life
  • Reflecting on the process

  • Begin to teach Creative Writing

  • Begin to live as a professional writer

what you get

Here’s more about what you’ll learn with

How to Think Like a Writer.

A Writer's Toolkit

This is a practical book. You'll learn the writer’s toolkit – a set of tools designed to enhance your writing practice – by working through a series of exercises, before finding out how you can learn more about each one.

Developing your practice

In this section you'll learn about creative journeys, and the importance of process, the myth of success and failure, how to produce an anthology of student work, and how to organise a literary event.

Living as a Writer

In part three, tutors will get access to a flexible and dynamic workshop outline that will enable you to discuss creative careers with your students. The final section is about finding a writing-related job and the importance of weak contacts.

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Here’s what people are saying about Lou:

Inspirational, perceptive 

and encouraging

“Louise is one of the most inspirational lecturers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is perceptive and this comes across in her fantastic attitude towards all her students. Her words are always encouraging, her feedback always thorough and constructive.” – former student.

I saw myself as a writer

“Louise is not just a creative writer, she is a creative teacher. After her seminars my mind always fizzed with ideas; a blank page became something not to be feared but filled. Perhaps more importantly she changed the way I thought about myself: she taught me to see myself as a writer – that was the most valuable lesson and for that I’m extremely grateful.” – former student.

Plenty of ideas to think about

“Louise taught me how to write. She taught me how to be merciful and merciless. She taught me craft and technique. She filled my toolbox, so I can build prose from scratch. Now I believe in myself and my abilities. I am infinitely more capable because I took her class.” – former student.

About the Author

Hi. I'm Lou. I'm a writer and a writing tutor. I live on the sometimes sunny south coast of England. A few years back I wrote the first 'small steps guide' and in How to Think Like a Writer I apply exactly the same ideas to learning and teaching Creative Writing, resulting in a set of accessible, tried-and-tested techniques that you can learn easily - simply by taking small steps.

Learn (and teach) the creative part of Creative Writing with How to Think Like a Writer!

  • Fully updated for 2022
  • Develop your own writer's toolkit, by experimenting with and adapting the tools in this book.
  • Enhance your writing practice and understand how to reflect on the process.
  • Learn about living as a writer in a world that's often trying to stop us.
  • Get two x ten week courses to enhance your Creative Writing curriculum.
  • Discover how to launch an anthology of student work and organise your own literary event.
  • Get access to a flexible and dynamic workshop outline on Creative Careers, and finding a writing-related job.

Louise Tondeur: Writer

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