Why I wrote this book

Writing a novel can seem like a big deal - I know that from experience - and I wanted to make the process easier to understand. How to Write a Novel and Get It Published is based on two principles. One, you can take any big project, goal or task - like writing a novel - and break it down into smaller and smaller steps until it becomes doable. Two, if you take small but specific actions towards your goals regularly enough, they'll have a snowball effect. That means that with help from How to Write a Novel and Get It Published you can start taking small steps towards planning, writing and finishing your first novel - and getting it published - today.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a writing habit
  • Create authentic, intriguing characters
  • Use the Problem Technique to structure your book
  • Explore Classic Narrative Structure using Cheesy Rom Com Research
  • Create a flexible Novel Writing Plan
  • Employ an underused tool that will enable you to finish your novel
  • Create a publishing plan that starts with you
  • You’ll also get a beginners’ guide to the three routes to publication and a 12-page Writing Resources Kit, containing all the tools you need to get started.

what you get

Here’s more about what you’ll learn with

How to Write a Novel and Get It Published: A Beginners Guide to Novel Writing.

Get access to a planning system that works

This is a practical book. The exercises you'll do as you go through build on each other - but they're also flexible, so you can take them as far as you like.

You'll also get access to downloadable worksheets to make your plan even more effective. 

Learn how to create a powerful workable plan so that you can get your novel finished.

Create interesting characters to populate your book

Work through the exercises on character and you'll find out how character and story are intwined.

Find examples from books you love to read so that your novel starts with you and what you love.

Learn how to make the people in your book three-dimensional so that you can bring them to life for your readers.

Get inside information on how to get published

Once you're ready to send your novel out into the world, How to Write a Novel and Get It Published will equip you with the tools you need.

You'll create your own dynamic publishing plan and resource list that fits the novel you're writing.

Learn about the three routes to publication so that you can feel good about the submission process.

Get your copy of How to Write a Novel and Get It Published and get started today.

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Here’s what people are saying about How to Write a Novel and Get It Published:

A stellar crash-course!

"How to Write a Novel and Get It Published is a stellar crash-course for aspiring novelists unsure how to begin the momentous task of planning and writing a novel. The book predominantly explores ways to plot and structure a novel, as well as how to break the story down into manageable chunks. Tondeur writes in an accessible and down-to-earth style and uses many familiar points of reference, from Cloud Atlas and Douglas Adams to Will Ferrell's movie Elf."

Straightforward ideas and advice

 "I had been looking for a book on writing and this certainly seems to be the one. I found this book to be full of very useful information. I will be employing most of it in my own writing life. I appreciate the simple straightforward way ideas and advice are presented. I would definitely recommend this to other aspiring writers."

Plenty of ideas to think about

"The author goes into great detail about the intricacies of beginnings, middles and ends, and relates how to break these down as well. As a regular writer I found much of the material familiar, but I always appreciate a refresher, and there was plenty within this book for me to think about, and a few new ideas besides."

About the Author

Hi. I'm Lou. I'm a novelist (amongst other things!) and a writing tutor. I live on the (sometimes) sunny south coast of England. A few years back I wrote the first 'small steps guide' and in How to Write a Novel and Get It Published I apply exactly the same ideas to the process of planning, writing and publishing a novel. These are accessible techniques that you can start TODAY - simply by taking small steps.

Get started on your novel writing journey today with How to Write a Novel and Get It Published: A Beginners Guide to Novel Writing!

  • Learn an easy-to-remember, practical system for planning and writing your novel.
  • Find out how to fit writing into your everyday life.
  • Get access to a powerful set of exercises that start where you are.
  • Learn how to find the right publisher for you and your book work.
  • Create your very own resource list, tailored specifically to you and your novel.

Louise Tondeur: Writer

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