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A Mega List of Lists of Writing Competitions

and Other Opportunities

A Mega ‘List of Lists’ of Writing Competitions and Other Opportunities

A few people have asked me for ‘lists of lists’ of writing competitions and other writing opportunities, that is, websites and blogs that list several opportunities. Here are the ones I know about:

The Aerogramme Writers’ Studio (no longer updated)

Almond Press’s list of writing competitions

The Arvon Foundation’s Writer’s Hub

Christopher Fielden’s blog – extensive listings of magazines and competitions etc for short story writers.

Creative Future – working with underrepresented writers.

Creative Writing Ink’s competitions listings page

Duotrope – a paid resource for writers, but includes a free trial.

Erica Verrillo’s blog. Here’s the January 2022 post.

Fair submissions – curated by Gill James – search using the labels on the left hand side.

The Grinder – a searchable database for poets and fiction writers. Click ‘search’ to search for opportunities that fit what you’ve written.

Jessica Davidson lists writing competitions on her blog, such as this one for novelists (scroll down for links to other lists.)

The Mslexia’s website has competition listings, although you’ll need to buy the magazine for the full listings.

The National Poetry Library’s listings (For poets and a good list of literary magazines for any writer.)

NAWE’s Writer’s Compass listings – from the National Association of Writers in Education.

Neon Books’ list of big UK writing competitions

The Novel Factory: a curated list of novel writing competitions (includes eligibility / deadlines etc.)

Writer Paul McVeigh’s blog lists lots of opportunities

Playwriting resources – a list on the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting website

Here’s a separate list I’ve compiled of poetry resources for UK writers

The Published to Death blog includes calls for submissions to paid markets

Ralan – look at the menu for various ‘markets’. (Mainly North American.)

Robin Houghton’s blog – Robin does a newsletter with round-ups of poetry (and some prose) submission opportunities. Sign up on her blog.

Script Angel – for screenwriters

Short stories – a separate post on getting your short stories published

Submittable’s searchable ‘discover’ listings

Thresholds: (This website is no longer updated, but the list of magazines is still useful.)

The Word Factory (Get yourself on their mailing list for their round up of opportunities.)

The Write Life blog – list of writing contests.

The Writing Competitions website (think you have to pay for a cup of coffee to access the details.)

The Writers’ Compass listings page – includes jobs, opportunities, calls for submissions and events.

The Writers’ HQ website monthly listings

The Writers’ Room – from the BBC.

Also try your library, and your local regional writing centre – like New Writing South down here in Brighton. There’s a list of them on this page on the TLC website. Scroll down until you get to the map.

Here’s my list of 15 great websites for writers.

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