Mentoring for Writers



01Power hour

An hour-long chat about any aspect of your writing, chosen by you. Costs £99.  No preparation, reading or follow up. Application via email.

02Mentoring sessions

Over three mentoring sessions we can go into more depth on a specific issue or particular route to publication. Cost £180, plus additional reading fee of £60 per 2,000 words. Application via email.

When you email me, please tell me briefly about:

  • your writing and your ambitions for it,
  • any questions you have / challenges you're experiencing.
  • why you are seeking a mentoring at this stage.
Louise Tondeur on a writing retreat at the National Writers Centre Norwich August 2021

You can also work with me through Jericho Writers and through Cornerstones. Please write to them for details if you would prefer to work this way.

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