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100 ideas for Drama at the end of term, including 10 festive games


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A fabulous, and easy to action, list of 100 drama activities, specially for you. 10 festive games included! The activities are most suitable for Key Stage 3, but adaptable for any KS.

Need inspiration for the end of term? Schemes of work run out of steam? Fed up of festive parties? Maybe the end of term play is over, and everyone’s exhausted, including you?

Here are 100 activities – many of which need no resources or preparation in advance.

You’ll receive a downloadable PDF. Once you’ve paid, click on the purple box under ‘download’ and the resource will automatically download onto your device.


It’s easy to run out of steam at the end of term, especially in December – one of the busiest times of the year for teachers, especially Drama teachers. You’ll get a list of ideas that you can run with, with almost no preparation necessary, available for download straight away. Here are a couple of sample activities, so you can ‘try before you buy’:

28. Word Association

Start the class by playing word association. Pick a starting word and explain how the game works, then go around the circle, having students say any word out loud. Don’t disallow words – encourage them to keep going. Then write some of the words on small slips of paper. Put these in a hat. In pairs, students pick three or four words from the hat. The pairs improvise a conversation where they must say each of the words they’ve picked. Show a couple to the rest of the class.

29. The Boasting Game

Demonstrate this in a circle with the whole class first, so they get the idea. Explain that they’re going to be boasting. Emphasise that the ‘boasts’ should be made up. Come up with some keywords and phrases that might be involved in a ‘boast’. Write these up somewhere. In pairs, student are labelled A and B. Person A boasts about something they’ve done. This should be completely made up. Person B retaliates with their own boast. They should aim to make it ‘better’ than the first one. Students can refer to the list of keywords and phrases if they get stuck. Challenge pairs to keep going for five minutes.

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