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How to Write a Novel and Get It Published eBook (Kindle version)


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How to Write a Novel and Get It Published eBook (Kindle version)

Learn to break down the novel writing process into manageable chunks, and find time to write

This book will give you a system for planning and writing your novel, and will empower you to fit writing into your everyday life, using tried and tested time management techniques.

Also included: links and downloads to help you plan your novel, a chapter on the three routes to publication, and twenty pages of resources.

Small steps in a nutshell

How to Write a Novel and Get It Published uses the Small Steps method. You can take any task and break it down into smaller and smaller steps until it becomes manageable. You can do small things in your everyday life to allow you to achieve your goals. In other words, you can take small steps towards planning, writing and finishing a novel and getting it published. This book will show you how.

Kindle file. Immediate download. 224 pages.

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