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Reflect and Review

Day six of the Writing and Mindfulness Challenge

Thanks for staying with me

You’ve nearly finished a whole week of writing challenges. Allow me to give you a virtual pat on the back if you’ve stuck with me this far. Thank you. And please let me know how you’ve been getting on in the comments. Check in with yourself today during one of your tea breaks and notice whether you are ‘seeing the world with writer’s eyes’ more often. Today’s all about reflecting on the process and reviewing what we’ve done so far.

What do I do on day six?

Today is about putting it all together. Take a look at what you’ve written over the week and ask the following:

  1. Does your notebook, virtual or otherwise, generate any ideas for a future piece of writing?
  2. Could you use the level of detail you incorporated to help you edit something you’re already writing?
  3. Could you arrange the words or phrases you’ve written to create a poem about the so-called ‘sixth sense’ – the atmosphere of a particular place, for example? Play with this idea if you like. Say you’ve written about your front room and you would describe that room as ‘cosy’ – what if you used an opposite word (uncomfortable, strange, hostile) to describe the atmosphere and wrote about that instead?

Want more?

Spend longer looking over the writing you’ve done so far and come up with a finished piece based either on an idea generated by the challenged, or based on all the lovely detailed observation you’ve been doing.

I’ll be back tomorrow with day seven of the Writing and Mindfulness Challenge when you get to plan a treat for yourself!

Until then, happy writing,


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