Looking for a straightforward way to achieve your goals and to turn your dreams into a reality?

You're in the right place! Here's a practical, straightforward and easy-to-learn method that you can start implementing today. Scroll down to download an extract.

Photo of Lou outside her writing shed with Small Steps Guide to Goal Setting and Time Management

Take Small Steps

Too much advice about finding time to do the stuff you love to do is vague and wistful, but not really very helpful. Here's something that helps: as long as you let go of the outcome, you can take any dream, ambition, idea, goal or task and break it down into small steps until you get something concrete you can do today. When you include small steps in your everyday life, you end up doing the things you want and letting go of those you don't. Try it – it's a really straightforward method and it works.

The First Small Steps Guide

The original small steps guide is called The Small Steps Guide to Goal Setting and Time Management. It was published by Emerald Press in Brighton in 2012 and I'm currently working on an updated edition. The book shows you how to break down the things you want to do into small steps. Download the first chapter completely free to get an introduction to the small steps method. (A PDF will appear in your downloads folder.) All the other Small Steps Guides follow the same principles: you can break down a process into small steps until you get to something concrete and specific you can do today.

Want to know why I wrote The Small Steps Guide to Goal Setting and Time Management? Take a look behind the scenes here.

Small Steps Writing Guides in a nutshell

Short, friendly and practical, these Small Steps Guides help you to develop your writing practice by helping you to take small steps towards your goals. Find out more about the books in the series by clicking below.

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All the Small Steps Writing Guides are based on two principles. 1) You can take any big project, goal or task and break it down into smaller and smaller steps until it becomes doable. 2) If you take small but specific actions towards your goals regularly enough, they'll have a snowball effect. That means that with help from the Guides you can start taking small steps towards your writing goals today.