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15 great websites for writers

Resources for writers

Here’s my list of 15 great writing websites. (There’s a UK bias, so I’ve put a link to a list from an American writers’ website at the bottom of this post.) Check out the resources below for yourself. And thanks to all of these organisations for making my writing life better.

  1. Arvon:
  2. BBC Writers Room:
  3. Dream Author:
  4. International Freelancer:
  5. Jericho Writers:
  6. Mslexia:
  7. NAWE writers compass:
  8. Poetry Archive:
  9. Poetry Library:
  10. Poetry Society:
  11. Society of Authors:
  12. The Literary Consultancy:
  13. The website of the Writers and Artists Yearbook:
  14. The Word Factory:
  15. The Writers’ Guild:

Here’s the Write Life’s list of the 100 best websites for writers:

View my mega ‘list of lists’ of writing competitions and other opportunities on this page.

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  1. Lia Stoll says:

    That’s a great list!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Louise Tondeur says:

      Glad it’s useful Lia.

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