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Where to find small presses that publish short story collections

Some key sources of information, plus some presses to check out

Online lists of presses

There are some presses (mostly American) listed on The John Fox website: and

An article from LinkedIn from 2017, that lists small presses looking for short stories:

As literary magazines are sometimes associated with presses that also publish collections, check out this extensive list of magazines that take short stories from Christopher Fielden’s blog:

The New Pages list of Independent Book Publishers is at


Another way to find small presses is to check out the attendees at a small publishers’ fair. Here’s the London-based event:

Or to attend a writing conference, and keep your eyes peeled. Here’s a list for conferences and events in North America, for example:


For writers in the UK, the Mslexia Indie Press Guide will give you a comprehensive list of independent presses.

For the North American market, take a look at the Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market.

Some of the publishers of short story collections in the UK:

And Other Stories

Comma Press

Cultured Llama

Galley Beggar


Unthank Books


Thresholds Short Story Forum is worth a look, especially if you’re UK-based although the website and forum are no longer updated so are out of date.

There are some short story presses listed here (though some are out of date):

Let me know how you get on.

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