Writing and Mindset

Does sending your work out into the world feel like a thankless task? In this mini-course course, you'll learn why we need a shift in mindset, how to get out of the 'write one thing, send to one place' cycle, and how to think differently about rejection. You'll be added to my author mailing list and to get insider information about my latest books and courses before they are released. Sign up for free today.

About Me

I'm a writer and a writing tutor. I write all sorts, including fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Before I started out, I didn't know any of what I'm about to tell you in this course. I'm super proud to be able to share what I've learnt with you so that you have access to these ideas too. Not only that, but these are easy-to-learn techniques that you can start TODAY and FOR FREE!

See you on the inside!

Louise Tondeur: Writer

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