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The Basics part 2

Writing for beginners

Last week I wrote about what you need to know if you’re a beginner and you want to start writing. This is part 2.

The basics are:

  • Time to write
  • A space to write in
  • A writing habit
  • A preferred way to write
  • Something to write about

I’ve got two more to add, and they’re to do with the writing community.

Literary citizenship

This is a term coined by the editor of literary journal Tin House, and discussed at the beginning The Business of Being a Writer by American writer and editor Jane Friedman. It means celebrating and promoting the work of your fellow writers and supporting them. In turn, they support you. This might mean:

  • attending readings, events and festivals,
  • reading and reviewing books by other writers,
  • following and sharing on social media,
  • or recommending books to others.

Writing support

Develop a support network of fellow writers informally (on social media for instance) and more formally, by joining a local writing group, or an organisation for writers. Try your library. You could also try your local writing organisation. UK writers, you’ll find a list of regional writing organisations on this page on the TLC website. (Scroll down until you get to the map.) Writing retreats and courses are another way to receive support. Here are some writing websites to start you off on your journey.

More soon. Until then, happy writing,

Lou xx

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