I am a writer, dyslexic, Creative Writing teacher, lez, cooking enthusiast and mum. Not necessarily in that order. My first two novels were The Water’s Edge and The Haven Home for Delinquent Girls.

Day eleven: The have done list

Today was a day when I thought I hadn’t got much done. Then I spent sometime (on a train) writing down what I did do on day eleven and my list told a different story. Here it is: (I haven’t edited it very much – I decided to leave it stream of conscious.) Didn’t manage

Day ten: Friday Fandango

Fridays are billed as the wind-down day of the week. I’m not sure I have a wind-down day in my week, but I do often end up doing the total opposite of winding down on a Friday. In fact, today it felt like a rather complicated dance, shifting roles between one way of being and

Day nine: spiders and maths games

Sometimes I need to do something physical to think things over, and get stuff in perspective, and to allow ideas (like the novel plan from yesterday) to mull in my head. It’s hard for me to do physical stuff because I have a disability which mean I get severe hip pain if I overdo the

Day eight: planning in bed

Today I managed to get up early (5.30) and took my cup of tea back to bed with me. Then I went through my notes from my train trip – where I tried to write a list of scenes in my crime novel – and rewrote it, adding in some sense of sequence and brainstorming

Day seven: Shed dreams

Today I went to Bournemouth to see my Mum and to buy a shed. I’ve wanted a writing shed for a while and have been researching carefully for a while. I thought I had found the one I wanted – it looks like a beach hut – but the company weren’t prepared to bring it

Day six: Am I really an owl?

Today I decided to work on self-publishing a drama text book that has been with a small press for years and years but is now out of print. I realised I needed to write an extra chapter to make it work so spent the morning on that. I didn’t get up early because of a

Day five: too hot

I ended the first week hot and exhausted. Too hot to sleep last night, too tired to get up early to write this morning. I hoped to have some time off before my ‘new life’ as a freelancer kicked in, or at least some sleep, but this hasn’t been a week for time off –

Day three and four: the distractions take a new turn

On day three (Wednesday) the distractions reached a ridiculous level. The truncated version of the story is that water came pouring through our ceiling a few months ago, meaning that the company concerned needed to come back and make good. (The long version of the story is too laborious to recount.) So they turned up

Day two (part two): Plotting devices?

I’ve always been a bit suspicious of plotting devices – particular software – because I figured that they stop you doing the actual writing. That said, I have terrible problems (or differences!) with sequencing, partly because of my dyslexia, partly because I prefer drafting and redrafting to outlining and structuring. Also I’m not too bad

Day two: the benefit of distractions

So yesterday was day one, the first day of the rest of my life, the day I started my writing properly (or finished my novel?) after years of not being able to put it first. And what happens? The handyman comes round (the one we’ve been trying to book for months) to repair the floor